Rube Wolffe

Author of The Samurian Chronicles


Rube Wolffe writes fantasy stories set in the world of Samuria.

A part-time author with a day job and three children to feed, Rube focuses his spare time adding depth and intrigue to his creation, aiming to deliver a polished, fairly-priced indie product for his readers. Long term, Rube plans to roll out bigger, more involved stories with a broad cast of familiar characters.

Prior to these recent endeavours, Rube maintained a popular flash fiction website (sadly no longer with us) containing many gothic horror stories, and has contributed to multiple indie comics under different names.

Rube lives in Derby, England with his partner and three children.


Hard mountain-dwellers. Hermetical tribes at the fringes of the world. Savages. Rich provinces. Pirates and seafarers. Dark tombs harbouring darker creatures. Fragile nobilities. Sorcery. Danger.

Against this backdrop of warring kingdoms, magic, mistrust, and danger at every step, the tales are quick-paced and bloody, binding the gory realism of prehistoric life, the struggling emergence of rival civilisations, and the relationships of those who dwell there.

Welcome to Samuria.

The Chronicles are forged from the lives of inhabitants with a tale worth the telling.


Prisoner of the Desert (FREE with Tower of Skulls)
Storn of Jarnfell, a Northern barbarian with wanderlust, wakes as a prisoner of the savage Zembi tribe. Sharing his confinement with two others, a feisty young woman of Akhra and a belligerent merchant of Coros, the young adventurer realises he must stage an escape before arrival at Zemb'ur, the deadly City of Spears.

As of April 2018 this has been unlisted pending improved artwork and a third release

The Tower of Skulls ($0.99):
After journeying south, Storn of Jarnfell returns to the mountains of his homeland when a chance encounter with a band of raiders and cut-throats changes his course. Becoming part of a quest to seek a fabled treasure, the young barbarian is soon embroiled in a deadly adventure against a dark, ancient power.

As of April 2018 this has been unlisted pending improved artwork and a third release

A third novella, Blood Alliance is due for release in May 2018.

In the meantime, you may keep up to date by following Rube on Twitter: https://twitter/rubewolffe